Testosterone Boost-Ulitmate

Testosterone Boost-Ulitmate

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What You Can Expect from this product:

  • Helps promote healthy testosterone production in men

  • Ideal for men looking to support physical performance, energy levels, and vitality

  • Helps improve athletic performance when combined with regular resistance training

  • Helps increase resistance to stress/anxiety in people with a history of chronic stress 

  • Features essential nutrients for men’s health, including zinc, vitamin D3, and B vitamin

Energy, mood, emotional, and physical support

Ultimate Testosterone Boost is a synergistic formula specifically designed to address stress and support testosterone production. Each vegetarian capsule features 300 mg of KSM-66, a full-spectrum extract of ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. KSM-66 has been shown to cause significant improvement in testosterone levels as well as other areas related to male health and vitality. Aside from the energy and performance supporting effects of ashwagandha, Ultimate Testosterone Boost also contains the following male health-supporting nutrients; zinc, vitamin D3, B vitamins, chromium, and cordyceps.


Testosterone production begins to decline in men after the age of 30, and while reduced testosterone is often dismissed as part of the normal aging process, this decline in testosterone can affect energy, performance, muscle mass and fat distribution, hair growth, and even emotional and cognitive well-being (1). Ensuring a good intake of essential nutrients needed for testosterone production can help support male reproductive health, energy metabolism, and hormone health in men, whatever their age.

Zinc is an essential nutrient for protein metabolism, healing, and sexual function. Zinc is also important for the regulation of testosterone levels, with research showing that in older men with marginal zinc deficiency, daily zinc supplementation for six months helps increase serum testosterone (2). Zinc also non-competitively inhibits 5-alphareductase activity, decreasing the conversion of testosterone to its less desirable metabolite, dihydrotestosterone, which is linked to male pattern baldness and prostate enlargement (3).

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient needed for a range of physiological processes, including supporting bone and immune health. In one study, vitamin D3 was found to increase testosterone levels by 30% in overweight men (4).

Ashwagandha is a plant in the nightshade family, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. Its active constituents include alkaloids (isopelletierine, anaferine), steroidal lactones (withanolides, withaferins), and saponins (5). Ashwagandha has demonstrated antioxidant and adaptogenic effects, as well as immunomodulatory effects, and has been associated with an increase in testosterone levels in men (6, 7, 8).

Testosterone Boost is formulated with KSM-66 that offers the highest concentration full-spectrum ashwagandha root extract available and is one of the best researched ashwagandha extracts on the market, having demonstrated benefits for stress, and enhancement of energy, endurance, and sexual function in men.