Sangsters Herbal Diuretic

Sangsters Herbal Diuretic

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Our bodies use their fluids to cleanse themselves and to transport waste material to the kidneys and the bladder. When retained, these acids and toxins can often lead to bladder
infections and kidney stones in both sexes. The buildup of uric acid has been linked to several disorders, including gout. During the menstruation process, women have a tendency to retain a large amount of water; this process is commonly called bloating. Despite the fact that this condition is cyclical, it should not be ignored because water retention can lead to many serious problems including cystitis (bladder infection) and urinary tract infections.

The use of Sangster’s Herbal Diuretic will assist the body’s cleansing process and thus prevent unnecessary infection. In addition to this benefit, the physical discomfort of bloating is also diminished. Sangster’s formula includes Buchu Leaves, which have
long been known as a natural diuretic.

Another key ingredient are the astringent and antiseptic Uva Ursi Leaves, which can help both as a diuretic and as an infection fighter. Juniper Berries reduce pre-menstrual bloating, restore proper kidney function and help to
relieve PMS stress. The other contributing ingredients are Celery Seed and Parsley Root.

If an infection has already set in, then try Sangster’s Mega Cran-Max along with our Herbal Diuretic formula for the utmost in relief. Make Health a Habit with Sangster’s Herbal Diuretic.