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Sangster’s exclusive formula Colon Aid has been designed to improve the overall function of your gastrointestinal tract by removing debris from the colon to prevent the absorption of toxins while providing a safe and effective cleanse of the digestive tract.

Colon Aid contains Cascara Sagrada which works as a mild laxative to help relieve constipation and expel excess internal waste, while Black Walnut lends its anti-parasitic properties to remove harmful intestinal parasites. Slippery Elm has been added to soothe the inflamed mucous membranes of the bowels, stomach and urinary tract, which provides support and relief from excess stomach acid, duodenal ulcers, diverticulitis, Colitis and GI inflammation. Rhubarb provides additional support by aiding to relieve diarrhea and GI bleeding and has also been shown to reduce strain during bowel movements, reducing pain from hemorroids.

Fennel Seed and Ginger provide soothing relief from abdominal pain associated with poor digestion, gas, bloating and indigestion. Finally Kelp and Chlorella increase the count of healthy bacteria in the intestines, providing much needed amino acids, vitamins, minerals and EFA’s while Kelp helps with digestive upset and cleansing the blood.

Benefits of Colon Aid:

• Relieves constipation and diarrhea
• Reduces abdominal pain associated with gas and indigestion
• Soothes inflammation of the bowel