Epson Gel with arnica

Epson Gel with arnica

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BodyLove Epsom Gel with Arnica 90ml-Traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. Epsomgel pain relief solution effectively relieves pain and inflammation to keep you active.

A unique water based solution that absorbs quickly and is non irritating for everyday use.

  • Back Pain
  • Strains
  • Bruises
  • Sports Injuries
  • Accelerate Recovery
  • Enhance Flexibility

  • Relieve Pain
    Painless Epsom Gel helps to relieve pain and increase flexibility. Always have pain properly diagnosed so you know what you are treating. For some conditions Painless gel alone can sometimes be enough for relief and healing but it is best used in conjunction with other therapies. Be relaistic! While many claims are made about topical therapies they do have limitations. For minor complaints it may be enough on it’s own but for more serious conditions it is best used as part of therapy. Be patient! Some people experience an almost immediate effect from Painless Gel but even if that happens it probably will take some time for a complete recovery.
    Increase Flexibility
    Painless Gel is unigue in it’s ablility to increase flexibility. Along with pain comes stiffness, muscle tension and decreased range of motion. Pain is the body’s way of telling us to stop moving so that healing can start. At a certain point though inactivity can lead to more pain. Painless gel facilitates transmission of muscle and nerve impulses. The magnesium in Epsom Salt is an electrolyte, regulates other electrolytes and is crucial for the body to utilize calcium.
    Painless Gel is formulated to be applied frequently. It is counter irritant free and does not sting when applied. It has a pleasant natural fragrance that does not linger. It is naturally emollient and improves the look and feel of skin.
    Always have pain properly diagnosed. Know what you are treating. Painless works best when combined with appropriate nutritional and physical therapies.
    Painless Epsom Gel can also help the following:
    For Arthritic hands or joints apply frequently especially before bed. Painless is not intended to treat arthritis but can give considerable relief from the pain, swelling and stiffness associated with it. Painless essential oil blend is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic. The sulphate in Epsom Salt helps to eliminate waste resulting from inflammation.
    Bursitis and tendonitis
    These chronic conditions require a concerted effort to deal with including restricting aggravating movement and icing. Treat the surrounding area as well as the site of the pain to control sympathetic tension. Tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding painful areas will prolong recovery time.
    Muscle strains, bruising, swelling
    If you know you will experience pain during or after exercise then apply Painless before exercise. It’s analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle tension relieving characteristics can alleviate or lessen pain before it begins. Painless! helps to increase range of motion making exercise easier and more enjoyable. To reduce bruising and swelling apply as soon as possible and frequently.
    Increases range of motion
    Pain is the body’s way of stopping us from moving and should be paid attention to. Unfortunately if we stop moving for too long inactivity can increase the level of pain and stiffness. Magnesium Sulphate in particular helps to keep the body flexible and moving. Excellent for Yoga! Yoga postures help to identify tight spots. Massage into area and give it a few moment and stretch again. Painless can facilitate that extra stretch you are looking for.
    Getting good rest and exercise are important. Pain relief encourages exercise and promotes good quality sleep. Magnesium is a very important mineral in the treatment of fibromyalgia. It is absorbed through the skin and while topical applications cannot be relied upon for nutritional needs, applied locally it saturates the area with magnesium sulphate.
    Muscle cramps
    After you make sure you have adequate electrolytes and minerals in your diet Painless can help alleviate cramping. Cramps often occur at night in bed so apply Painless before bed.
    Sleep aid
    Painless is not intended to treat sleep issues but it can help because it is hard to fall asleep and stay asleep if you have pain. Applying to calf muscles and to neck and shoulder muscles before bed is relaxing and calming. Applying Painless before bed takes advantage of the inactivity to treat painful conditions.
    Muscle Tension
    Muscle tension can range from a minor annoyance to something that can be the precursor to severe or chronic pain. A common example is tense neck and shoulder muscles from office work or driving. Apply as needed to relax tense muscles.
    Injury and Surgery Recovery
    Pain relief is very important of course but it is also necessary to keep or get moving again. The magnesium in Painless Epsom Gel helps to keep muscles and joints loose and flexible. Apply to SURROUNDING areas as well to keep unaffected areas from becoming tense and painful."